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F Element Project
Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide provides a minimum set of presentations, walkthroughs, and exercises that are designed to prepare students to participate in the F Element annotation projects. The Quick Start Guide is organized around five major concepts and tools. The curriculum materials listed under the first three concepts/tools can be used for other GEP scientific projects. The curriculum listed under concepts/tools 4 and 5 are specific to the F Element project. These materials assume that students have a basic background in molecular genetics.
Download Quick Start Guide in MS Word and PDF


Minimum Recommended Materials

Optional/Additional Materials

Concepts/Tools 1, 2, & 3

Beginning curriculum common to all GEP Research Projects.

Concepts/Tools 4

Prepares students to work on their own annotation projects; submitting completed projects to GEP allows them to become co-authors (if they read/critique/approve the resulting group manuscript or participate in microPublication).
Concepts/Tools 5

If time permits, the project will benefit by students checking the Transcription Start Sites annotation for each gene as well.

Download Quick Start Guide in MS Word and PDF