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GEP Assessment Tools

Student Course Assessments (Fall 2022 - Summer 2023)
Pre-course SurveyPre-course Quiz
Post-course SurveyPost-course Quiz
GEP Instructors can find the username and password for each of the tools above by accessing the password (generic) protected "Student Login Credentials" page.
Contact Katie Sandlin for assistance.
Faculty Assessments
Faculty ReportSpring 2023
Contact Wilson Leung with questions regarding Faculty Reports.
IRB Approvals
Student Surveys and QuizzesEffective Implementation of a Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) II Protocol
    Notice of Approval (expires 01.03.24)
Faculty SurveysSustaining and Growing a Dispersed Community of Practice that Engages Undergraduates in Course-Based Genomics Research (expires 03.7.2024)
Contact Sarah Crocker-Buta (GEP Program Assistant) with questions regarding Institutional Review Board (IRB) Authorization Agreement (IAA) or Frankie Giles (Research Compliance Specialist) at The University of Alabama
Transcription Start Sites (Beta Version)
During the summer and fall of 2020, Stephanie Toering Peters, Juan Carlos Martinez-Cruzado, and Anya Goodman wrote new TSS quiz questions aligned with the TSS learning objectives. If you have done TSS annotation or currently have students doing TSS annotation, please use this Google Form to preview or have your students take the new quiz questions, respectively. If you have feedback or comments about the questions or would like to volunteer to help with the revision of the TSS questions, please email Stephanie.