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Curriculum TypeDescription
Curriculum Search“Official” GEP curriculum
NIBLSE Core Competencies
Understanding Eukaryotic Genes (UEG) Modules
    English | Spanish
Modules that employ an active learning approach using a bioinformatics tool, the Genome Browser, to help students understand eukaryotic gene structure and functionality
Transcription Start Sites (TSS) ModulesSeries of modules that walk students through the process of annotating a transcription start site
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)Overview and GEP-specific case studies
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ResourcesMore than 100 DEI-focused instructional resources
Sequencing TechnologiesGenome Center video tours and evolution of DNA sequencing technologies
Pilot Curriculum“Test drive” curriculum seeking first-hand feedback about what works and what doesn’t with the goal of becoming “official” GEP curriculum; generic password required
Faculty-Generated CurriculumCreated by GEP members for use in their own classes and kindly shared with the membership; not reviewed nor updated by the Curriculum Committee; generic password required
Help ResourcesAnnotation tools user guides, tutorial videos, and additional how to guides