Genomics Education Partnership

a nationwide collaboration of 100+ institutions that integrates active learning into the undergraduate curriculum through Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) centered in bioinformatics and genomics

GEP Research Seminar Series

October 14, 2021
2-3p (CDT)

December 2021 New Member Training

December 6 – 17
2-3:30p (CST) each weekday

close up of Drosophila ananassae fly

F Element

In this project, GEP students produce coding region and transcription start site annotations for F element genes in D. ananassae, D. bipectinata, D. kikkawai, and D. takahashii, as well as for genes in a euchromatic reference region derived from the Muller D element.

Parasitoid Wasps

In this GEP project, students annotate venom encoding genes from three species of parasitoid wasps that infect D. melanogaster. The gene models generated in this project will allow us to investigate the evolution of venom proteins and to better characterize the proteins for follow up functional studies.


In this GEP project, we use network analysis approaches to better understand the evolution and function of biological pathways. The Pathways Project is currently focused on annotating genes within the insulin signaling pathway across the Drosophila genus.