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Genomic Database

Detecting and Interpreting Genetic Homology

An introductory exercise using BLAST to annotate a region in the Drosophila melanogaster genome. Students can use this exercise to gain familiarity with performing BLAST searches and interpreting BLAST output. An answer key is provided for instructors.

FlyBase for Undergrads

Dr. Hui-Min Chung (University of West Florida) and her students have developed an instructional video aimed at introducing undergraduate students to the research tools available at FlyBase.

Web Databases for Drosophila

This PowerPoint presentation introduces the species-specific databases available on the web, including FlyBase and the Ensembl Drosophila melanogaster database.

GenBank Accession Number Reference Sheet

This document describes the naming conventions used by NCBI. Students can use these naming conventions to quickly evaluate the type and the reliability of the sequences in the NCBI database.

Basics of BLAST

This PowerPoint presentation provides a brief introduction to the different kind of BLAST searches available.