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Module TSS1: Transcription Start Sites Introduction

This module describes how Celniker TSS annotations, DNase I hypersensitive sites, and the 9-state chromatin models can be used in the classification of promoter shape for the Antp gene.

Annotation of Transcription Start Sites in Drosophila

This walkthrough illustrates the GEP protocol for the comparative annotation of transcription start sites (TSS) in D. biarmipes. The walkthrough also includes a sample GEP TSS Report for the TSS annotation of onecut.

Searching for Transcription Start Sites in Drosophila

This PowerPoint presentation describes the recommended annotation strategy for identifying transcription start sites in Drosophila. The presentation provides an overview of the promoter architecture in D. melanogaster and describes the types of evidence that can be used to support the transcription start sites annotations.