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Parasitoid Wasps Project: Annotation Workbook

For the Parasitoid Wasps Project gene annotation, project submission will consist of a completed Annotation Workbook, a screenshot of the user track on the Genome Browser, and sequence files for the entire transcript and encoded protein. This Annotation Workbook is an Excel file with space to fill out all the necessary information for the gene annotation.

If it is done correctly, filling out the workbook will also auto-populate a GFF file that can be used for testing the accuracy of gene models (described in the “Checking Accuracy of the Gene Model (Alternative to Gene Model Checker)” section of the “Annotation Workbook Directions“). Please note that everything should be filled out exactly as described: the vocabulary and formatting need to be very precise to make a functional GFF file.

The “Example” sheet has been completed for you to reference while completing the “Transcript” sheet.