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Track Hubs

GenBank assembly Track Hubs used for the Pathways Project

These models have been reconciled, and some have been published in the microPublication journal. To view the gene models that have been reconciled, either (1) navigate to the assembly and search for your gene of interest, or (2) look for the link to your model on the Notion platform.

SpeciesAssemblyTrack Hub Link
D. ananassae DanaCAF1Track Hub
D. arizonae DariGB1Track Hub
D. biarmipes DbiaGB2Track Hub
D. bipectinata DbipGB2Track Hub
D. busckii DbusGB1Track Hub
D. elegans DeleGB2Track Hub
D. erecta DereCAF1Track Hub
D. eugracilis DeugGB2Track Hub
D. ficusphila DficGB2Track Hub
D. grimshawi DgriCAF1Track Hub
D. hydei DhydGB1Track Hub
D. kikkawai DkikGB2Track Hub
D. miranda DmirGB2Track Hub
D. mojavensis DmojCAF1Track Hub
D. obscura DobsGB1Track Hub
D. persimilis DperCAF1Track Hub
D. pseudoobscura DpseGB3Track Hub
D. rhopaloa DrhoGB2Track Hub
D. sechellia DsecCAF1Track Hub
D. serrata DserGB1Track Hub
D. simulans DsimGB2Track Hub
D. suzukii DsuzGB1Track Hub
D. takahashii DtakGB2Track Hub
D. virilis DvirCAF1Track Hub
D. willistoni DwilCAF1Track Hub
D. yakuba DyakCAF1Track Hub