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Welcome the New Program Assistant to the Team!

Sarah Crocker-Buta
Amy Smith has officially transitioned to a different department at The University of Alabama (UA) and thus will no longer be on our staff. Thankfully, Amy has graciously agreed to spend time helping onboard her replacement for the next few weeks. Please join us in welcoming the new Program Assistant, Sarah Crocker-Buta, to the GEP Staff! Sarah grew up in Tuscaloosa, AL and got undergraduate (UA) and masters (Ole Miss) degrees in Biology. Her undergraduate research focused on the digestive physiology of corn snakes and her graduate research consisted of behavioral endocrinological work in Hyla cinerea (the green tree frog). Sarah also did histological work that consisted of aging frogs by counting the number of rings in their toe bone (cool stuff). Sarah is a herpetologist at heart.  


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