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Colorado and New Mexico Node TA Training

Colorado and New Mexico Node TA Training February 19, 2022
The Colorado and New Mexico Node ran a one-day online training for nine graduate student teaching assistants on February 19, 2022. Multiple faculty members of the node—Judy Leatherman, Shan Hays, Farida Safadi-Chamberlain, Nick Stewart, and Zeynep Ozsoy—helped to lead this training, and several new Node members joined in to further their training on the Pathways Project.

What worked well for your event that might help others plan similar events?

Working through the annotation of a very small gene allowed us to go through all the steps rapidly, which allowed the facilitators time to demonstrate each step.

What lessons were learned from challenges in the planning or execution of the event that might be helpful to others?

Everyone is tired of online meetings, and this training is no exception. An in-person event would likely engage our TAs better.


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