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GEP New Member Training Summer 2021 Session 3: headshots of eight trainees

New Member Training
Summer 2021 Session 3

Please join us in welcoming our final group of trainees for Summer 2021 and our newest members to the GEP community (pictured left to right, top to bottom):

  • Dr. B├írbara Domingues Bitarello, Bryn Mawr College; PA Regional Node
  • Dr. Bill Andreopoulos, San Jose State University; CA Regional Node
  • Dr. Bill Gilliland, DePaul University; Midwest North Regional Node
  • Dr. Brian Schwartz, Columbus State University; Southeast Regional Node
  • Dr. Clare Scott Chialvo, Appalachian State University; Carolinas Regional Node
  • Dr. Jessica Petko, Penn State-York; PA Regional Node
  • Dr. Shuangying Yu, Central Piedmont Community College; Carolinas Regional Node
  • Dr. Stephanie Spielman, Rowan University; NY/NJ Regional Node

Special thanks to Drs. Catherine Reinke, Jackie Wittke-Thompson, and Chris Shaffer for facilitating their online training!