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F Element Summer 2020 Research Fellows

During summer 2020, four GEP Summer Fellows from Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) and one Summer Fellow from Saint Joseph’s University reconciled 657 submitted gene models and completed 93 unique TSS annotations for the D. ananassae Muller F element. The presentations which summarize their work this summer are publicly available through Box. Their analyses identified several interesting features on the D. ananassae Muller F element, including partial gene duplications, pseudogene clusters, nuclear mitochondrial DNA (NUMT) segments, retrogenes, and novel paralogs. The Summer Fellows also annotated the D. ananassae ortholog to a new D. melanogaster F element gene (CG46466) identified by PhyloCSF.

The Summer Fellows are currently in the process of finalizing the reconciliation statistics and performing the data analyses for the Fall 2020 WUSTL Undergraduate Research Week. We anticipate the final reconciliation statistics will be available by the end of November 2020.

The preliminary analysis of unique coding regions indicates that 51.5% (229/445) of the gene models were in congruence with the reconciled gene model. Of the 216 gene models with annotation errors, the most common issue was the selection of incorrect splice site boundaries (30.9%).

The images above and below illustrate the preliminary reconciliation statistics for the F element project in Summer 2020. Please note that these statistics may change as the Summer Fellows finalize the analyses this Fall.


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