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Carolinas New Member Training December 2022

The Carolinas Regional Node held a New Member Training December 14-17, 2022 at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
Trainer Indi Bose provides an introduction to the Pathways Project on via projector


The Carolinas Regional Node held a New Member Training event hosted by Dr. Maria “Marisol” S. Santisteban at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Pembroke.

Trainers for the Carolinas Node’s first ever in-person (cheers!) New Member Training were GEP veterans Marisol Santisteban (UNC-Pembroke), Indi Bose (Western Carolina University), and Vida Mingo (Columbia College). The eight trainees were from Richmond Community College, Gardner-Webb University (2), Campbell University, North Carolina State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and UNC-Pembroke (2). Having some of the trainees attend in pairs from the same institution provided natural partners that worked very efficiently during practice time and also helped one another during the training. They even started to solidify detailed plans for implementations during the training. Actually, all trainees planned to get something starting either in the Spring or Fall 2023 semester; many will start with one or a few independent research students to get the ball rolling and then implement in the classroom.

Group photo of trainers and trainees
Back Row Left to Right: Seth O’Conner, Tim Anderson, Quentin Locklear, Carly Sjogren
Middle Row Left to Right: Vida Mingo, Susan Manahan, Meredith Rowe, Maria J. Pereira
Front Row Left to Right: Marisol Santisteban, Stephanie Mathews, Indi Bose


The training followed closely the tried-and-true schedule and format of the 2.5-day training in St. Louis. Arriving on a Wednesday night, trainees enjoyed a superb dinner buffet in the elegant Chancellor’s dining room and started to get acquainted with one another. Then, they listened to a presentation to introduce the GEP. The next two and a half days they were hard at work in two different locations on campus, only five minutes from the hotel where they stayed. On Saturday morning after the distribution of credentials, post-event survey, and some more discussion on implementations, Indi gave a presentation on two of the projects her students had worked on that semester (it was not possible for us to have the student attend because the training happened at the beginning of winter break) and had very interesting findings that really grabbed the interest of the trainees. In the afternoon they left to go back home.

Trainees discussing while working through activity on computers
Trainer assisting trainee while both looking at computer
Trainer pointing to computer screen of trainee
Trainee Stephanie Mathews works on computer activity
The real highlight of the event was the interactions that occurred during training and while in breaks. The exchanges were fluid, the questions were promptly addressed, and there was input from trainees and trainers and reactions in real time, smooth and natural. Even when the days were long, it felt like we were making progress together effortlessly. Because we have a very well thought out training that has been refined through the years with the work input and feedback of many people, and the leadership of our director of training. It went well because the GEP machine is well oiled, and the leadership and the staff work tirelessly, and all of us contribute in small and big ways to grow it. Thanks to all who made this training possible!!!


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