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Beta Version of Pathways Project Walkthrough is Live

We are very excited to release the beta version of the newest piece of GEP curriculum, the Drosophila Pathways Project: Annotation Walkthrough! Katie has been working really hard to bring this into being. We appreciate the indispensable help from the GEP members who shared with us their own curriculum and personal observations and piloted our earlier drafts. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the contributions by Andy Arsham, Indi Bose, John Braverman, Amy Hark, Shan Hays, Jennifer Kennell, Lindsey Long, Juan Carlos Martinez-Cruzado, Mollie Manier, Chinmay Rele, Joyce Stamm, Jeff Thompson, Jacqueline Wittke-Thompson, and Jim Youngblom (and others we apologize if we missed). An extra special thanks goes out to Alexa Sawa and her students who gave extensive feedback on the penultimate version of this curriculum by using it in Alexa’s January term research course. Also, as always, Wilson was of critical help in shaping the walkthrough and its contents, and in the development of the supporting tools.

This walkthrough illustrates how to apply the GEP annotation strategy for the Pathways Project to construct a gene model for the Ras homolog enriched in brain (Rheb) gene in Drosophila yakuba.

Visit the Drosophila Pathways Project page for more information.