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Carolinas Regional Node

The Carolinas Regional Node includes GEP members at colleges and universities across North and South Carolina.

December 14-17, 2022


Marisol Santisteban

Carolinas Node Leader

Dr. Santisteban is a Professor of Biology at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke where she teaches Microbiology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology. Dr. Santisteban’s research interest is in the area of epigenetic control of gene expression. Using molecular genetics, she is trying to understand the role of Htz1, the Saccharomyces cerevisiae H2A.Z histone variant, in regulating transcription. Dr. Santisteban is currently serving as Chair of the Curriculum Committee where she assists with identifying new GEP curriculum needs, maintaining current curriculum, and developing new items. She is also Chair of the Carolinas Regional Node.


Vida Mingo

Carolinas Node Co-Leader

Dr. Mingo is a senior lecturer of biology at Columbia College. Prior to coming to Columbia College, Dr. Mingo was a K-12 (middle and high school) science teacher in New York City Public Schools. Dr. Mingo is an evolutionary geneticist by training and has a passion for integrating social justice into his biology courses. Dr. Mingo’s research involves integrating population genomic and epidemiological data to better understand the evolutionary changes in pathogen and vector populations as mechanisms of antimicrobial drug resistance. This type of genomic surveillance can provide crucial insights to disease control efforts, while also generating data of fundamental scientific interest, such as potential drug, drug resistance and vaccine targets.

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